MV-1 Vehicle Application

Personal Use

Whether you're going down the street or across the country, the MV-1 is the ideal vehicle to take you there comfortably and easily. No other disability vehicle or mobility vehicle is purpose-built from the ground up for wheelchairs. Thanks to this mobility dedicated engineering, the MV-1 meets or exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) vehicle guidelines from the moment it rolls off the assembly line. Its ramp, which conveniently deploys from the floor, grants you easy access, as does its extra-wide side door. Its spacious interior features an open area next to the driver to allow wheelchairs and scooters to sit up front and enjoy the view. Wherever you need to go, the MV-1 can take you there.

Assisted Living MV-1Assisted Living

Your residents can now travel comfortably and with incredible ease thanks to the groundbreaking and versatile MV-1. Unlike traditional retrofitted vehicles, the MV-1 comes right off the assembly line equipped with an integrated deployable ramp that allows for wheelchair accessibility. In addition, it features plenty of space for up to 5 passengers. The MV-1 saves on costs by replacing large, cumbersome shuttle buses for completing everyday trips such as doctor's appointments. You will get years of use without worry thanks to the MV-1's extremely durable body-on-frame vehicle architecture and rear wheel drive powertrain. The most valuable vehicle in your fleet is here: the new 2011 MV-1.

Green Option

In the world of mobility transportation, going green means going MV-1. As the only mobility vehicle of its size to offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) direct from the factory, the MV-1 gives you a greener solution that’s also reliable. Through a feat of brilliant engineering, your fleet will no longer have to sacrifice cargo space and interior comfort to reap the benefits of cleaner-burning CNG. When you order the green option from VPG you will get a vehicle that offers an incredible range up to an estimated 290 miles.


The category-redefining, extremely versatile MV-1 is ready to roll off the assembly line and into your fleet to help your customers find a mobility solution. It is a vehicle unlike anything else in the world of mobility transportation. Retrofitted vans or buses cannot match its durability. The MV-1 doesn’t give you aftermarket mobility. It provides you and your customers with dedicated mobility. And that is a huge advantage for your business as it saves on costly repairs that frequently occur to retrofitted vehicle.


Regardless if you, your passengers or your customers require a mobility solution or not, everyone will feel like a VIP riding inside the MV-1. It offers a luxurious amount of space, which will help you stand out in the livery category. It was built around the principles of universal design so it is not just spacious but comfortable too. Its uniquely engineered suspension system gives your passengers the superior ride they come to expect from a livery vehicle.


If you are in a wheelchair or scooter or have any mobility issue, finding a taxi that meets your needs can be extremely difficult. The MV-1 can serve as your perfect taxi vehicle. It can easily accommodate wheelchair accessibility as well as up to 5 passengers and all of their luggage. This durable, purpose-built vehicle comes off the assembly line with a rugged body-on-frame design to take on some of the toughest roads in America.

Independent Living

Your clients have a wide range of needs. The MV-1 is ready to meet all of them. It was designed and engineered to exceed expectations and let your clients experience a level of comfort not found in any other mobility vehicle. Direct from the factory, the MV-1 comes equipped with a deployable ramp for easy wheelchair access and has plenty of space for up to 5 passengers with no aftermarket conversion. While passengers enjoy the comfortable surroundings, you will enjoy having a vehicle that brings versatility to your fleet.




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